We're in business for a society that works for everyone.

We aim to use the resources we have -- our voice, our business, and our community -- to do something about protecting the soil, the waters, the air and all living beings - our brothers and sisters.

100% of your donation
supports our projects & advocacy.

Your support will always fund the work directly and not our lifestyle choices. We work with corporations, dedicated patrons and sponsors to fund our head team salaries.

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We support

  • The preservation of nature
  • The preservation of people
  • The preservation of culture
  • Men as stewards
  • Education for all to evolve

A Culture of Trust

Our success and integrity lies entirely in the success of the organization and communities we work with directly, as well as the impact our stories contribute to the collective. We seek to create long-term meaningful relationships and will always take part in the personal work that is asked of us.

Your money helps us to create projects that entertain, educate, and inspire while facilitating the preservation of communities, nature and culture.

100% of your donation goes directly into our projects and initiatives.

Our head team salaries are funded by our profit-for-purpose initiatives, corporate sponsors and generous dedicated patrons. We will never seek to earn more than the industry standard. We will always pay fair wage to all employees, sub-contractors, free-lancers, and local support.

This allows us to take the most effective and holistic perspective, making sure our impact is successful for all.

A Different Idea of Giving

Often, the true work that needs to be done is to wake up and make the change within our own lives, to shift our society. This is what ultimately impacts our projects & advocacy the most.

We look to our storytellers for guidance to support the greater awakening afoot.
This changes the model of giving and ideas for how we can help.
Gone is the idea that just throwing money at a problem, without looking at how we are complicit in creating the problem, is the solution any longer.

Our work is to educate ourselves, men and our communities beyond the status quo to treat nature, to treat people, and to treat culture with respect and a deeper reverence than what we have been conditioned with societally.

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